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I’m a jazz violinist, composer and audio producer in the Washington DC area. I love to make music, collaborate with dancers, interpret art into music,  interview interesting people, and tell stories in sound.

My new dynamic album-in-progress voy launched 2.14.2014. Check it out, and let me know what scenes and stories it conjures for you …

Music from my debut album, Quiet Life Motel, has aired on NPR and can be heard at The Washington Post has written of my music as “mysterious and beautiful.”

Here’s video of a live solo performance …



On the audio side …

I create and produce the award-winning Musicians in their words series heard widely on NPR, APM’s The Story, Latino USA, and other public radio outlets. For summer 2013,PRX commissioned this piece on The Elusive Digital Stradivarius.

 I created, hosted and produced the “Pop-Up Music Club” for North Carolina Public Radio which aired statewide in Dec 2012. A “Musicians in their own words” piece on Joseph Shabalala  that I did with Jeff Freymann-Weyr won the Silver Award: Best Documentary at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Here’s another favorite piece I did for NPR featuring the late Bo Diddley. I’ve also been senior producer of BBC Americana, and curated  the audioambush series for the AFI. To learn more about Musicians in their own words and my audio work for NPR, BBC, PRI, APM, please follow this path …

Here’s a shoutout transcribed from the Oct 25, 2013 edition of APM’s The Story …

DICK GORDON: “That portrait of Ron Carter comes from producer David Schulman, and his series “Musicians in their own words.” David’s been a part of The Story since we began. In fact he helped design all the music we used on our very first shows. And since that time, he has continued to work with us.

David has a new digital album out; it’s called, “Voy.” It includes some songs that he made expressly for this program.

MUSIC clip: “By These Hands”

You can find out more about the album “Voy” and David Schulman’s work with the series “Musicians in their own words. We have those links on the website at the

MUSIC bed: “Long Walk Home”

(Click here to listen to the Oct 25, 2013 program; the section above is at 48:15).

I’m available for events, classes, music licensing, commissions for dance and film, and for a range of audio services — including podcasts and first-person audio portraits.

For more info, please call 301 908 4511 Or email schulmancreative-at-gmail-dot-com  

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